I facilitate a clearing and release of negative stagnant energies in your chakras and auric field you no longer require. Then replace it with healing positive energies channeled specifically for you.  With your chakras clear your energy can flow easier.  As a result your vibration raises and you will feel lighter, relieved, and elated.  Of course this does not last forever, but it is a beginning to becoming enlightened and self aware. You can achieve inner peace, happiness, and a higher understanding of your place here on earth.  You can learn how to work with your life force and connect with the energies available to you in the universe.

My mystical journey began 18 years ago.  I attended a beginners course to learn about my life force , how to recognize and work with psychic energy.  I decided to go through the  Transformational Energy Release. It was a time in my life that i realized I was repeating patterns. Situations were  ending the same way , over and over. I was searching for answers.  I went through the releasing process.  It was the answer for me.  The things I learned about myself and the energies around me.  After completing the process I decided to attend the course to become a Healer. I received my certificates in 2000, and have been channeling the energies to improve my state of being .....to a whole body wellness.

The picture shown is my Aura photograph taken 6-20-2009.  I channeled down the bright white light through my chakras, and invited my angels and guides.. With such an amazing validation of this work...... I continue on my mystical journey.........

Transformational Energy Healing